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Baume-les-Messieurs, is nestled in the heart of a spectacularly and mysteriously beautiful Reculée.
This site is classed among the most beautiful villages of France and the most beautiful village in the Jura, a place where history and natural beauty are combined.

With its famous18th Century Imperial Abbey, this is where the Abbot Bernon set out to found the Abbey of Cluny.

Made up of 3 valleys dominated by vertical cliffs 200 metres high, Baume-les-Messieurs is overflowing with geological treasures, caves and waterfalls, even more impressive during the rainy season, or when they arecaught by the winter ice.This site, in the midst of the vineyards of the Haute Seille, invites you to long beautiful hikes.

It’s unnecessary to go very far to savour the pleasures connected to the prodigious diversity of the landscape and sites.

Many activities are available in the Franche-Comté, from the discovery of an uncommon natural heritage to a treasury of medieval architecture…

Château Chalon, second classified site overlooking the famous vineyards of the Revermont, of international reputation.
Poligny, capital of Comté  cheese
Arbois, capital of Jura wines
18-hole golf course in  Vernantois located  25 minutes away
Thermal Baths in Lons le Saunier… 15 min
The lakes of Vouglans and Chalain…
The Salt Works of Arc et Senans
The Wine Route
: les famous  vineyards of  the Coteaux de la Haute Seille

Let’s not forget the fishing, the foot, horse and mountain bike trails, …

For enthusiasts of freedom and authenticity, the Jura is a truly natural region of wide spaces, rivers, lakes, vineyards, cliffs, caves, paths, valleyed or mountainous landscapes, preserved precious fauna…

Everything is remarkable!
Sites of rare beauty, magical landscapes that
one discovers at each turn of the road or along little winding paths. 
The perfume of earth and firs…

It is also a region of art and history: prehistoric treasures, Romanesque or Gothic art.
A region where gastronomy predominates:  Comté, Morbier cheeses,Vin de Paille, Vin jaune, Macvin, ...

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